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Intel i7 vs Ryzen R5 Processor Comparison for Gaming

Apr 05, 2017 06:52 AM EDT


The first batch of AMD Ryzen Processors was introduced last month with the mainstream R7 processors being a priority for AMD. The company in their keynote compared their processors with the current competition which revealed significant benefits for new buyers for approximately half the cost.

Their next generation of AMD Ryzen R5 processors will soon be hitting the markets with reports from WCCFTech hinting that the release date is scheduled to be on Apr. 11. With that said, taking a look at benchmarks for the AMD R5 1600 Processor alongside an Intel i7 7700k, the first thing that comes to mind, is the price. At just US $219, the competition with Intel is now tight with the former overthrowing the best consumer segment processor from Intel, that costs US $330.

The AMD Ryzen R5 1600 seems to outperform the Intel i7 7700k in multi-threaded processors. While the i7 is a quad-core eighth threaded architecture, the R5 1600 on the other side is based on hexacore and 12 threaded architecture. However, a downside on Ryzen motherboards is that the memory doesn't achieve its target clock since the system locks it to the base standard. This is because the platform doesn't support memory with speeds higher than 2400mHz.

Taking a look at the CPU Benchmarks of the new AMD Ryzen R5 processor in comparison with the 7700k since it makes a perfect choice from Intel for gaming, the Ryzen processor doesn't benefit the gaming industry due to lower clocks and lack of support for higher clocked memory system.

Intel, on the other hand, offers a boost clock up to 4.2gHz and a potential memory overclocks up to 4133 MHz. While CPU-intense games will perform better in the Intel chips, other benchmarks like CPU-Z, Cinebench, and Prime benchmarks seem to favor the AMD Ryzen R5 1600 over the 7700k. But that said, games might actually decide carefully since Intel chips can overclock without any hassles while the same has been determined for AMD chips yet.

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