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iPhone 8 Might Not Get A Curved OLED Screen, Analyst Says

Apr 05, 2017 04:20 AM EDT

With the 10th year anniversary of the phone series that conquered the world, the iPhone 8 is not only highly anticipated because of its reputation but also the features and design that would mark the longevity of Apple in the market. There were speculations that the phone might sport a curved OLED screen, which is the highlight of the devices by their rival company Samsung, but an analyst said that the company might not go with it.

In an article published in MacRumors, IHS Markit analyst Wayne Lam said that the American multinational tech company might not bite the trend of having an OLED screen. Instead, he is firm that they stick with the flat screen design.

He also said that Apple might go instead with the flat OLED screen for their iPhone 8 models. Lam added that having a flat OLED screen would be easier for the company to compete in the market.

In an old article published by Forbes, DisplayMate President Raymond Soneira said that flat OLED screens would cost less and sold less compared to the iPhone 8 having a curved display. He also said that theoretically, it would allow the phone to have a smaller price than what is expected.

Currently, there are no words from Apple if they will adapt the curved OLED display for their iPhone 8. In a recent report published in GSM Arena, Apple ordered 70 million curved OLED panels from Samsung 8 for their phone.

The iPhone 8, the 10th year anniversary device of Apple, is also expected to showcase the biggest update the product line could have in years. It is expected to have a brand new design like having an edge-to-edge design.

The iPhone 8 was also expected to have an enhanced battery life, an improved rating from having an IP69 rating for water and dust resistance, and wireless charging capabilities. The phone was also expected to have a facial recognition feature for security purposes.

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