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Latest iPad Pro Ads Highlight Weaknesses of Laptops

Apr 04, 2017 03:36 PM EDT

If there is any explanation why Apple is doing really good at selling their products, creating very impressive ads could be the answer. Apple didn't hesitate to go all out when it comes to advertising - be it with the famous celebrities, sponsoring major events or even product placement in movies or TV shows.

Today Apple released a series of ads to promote the new iPad Pro - focuses on the weaknesses of laptops. Not only that the ads messages were on spot, they even remind us how the world is changing and tablets are now as powerful as the laptop can be. The new iPad Pro ads basically based on a concept where a character (user) holding a big giant tweet describing the problems that they are having. According to CNET, the tweets were real and were taken directly from Twitter.

Laptops are the big game-changer in today's modern computing. From a bulky, complicated desktop units, laptops offering all-in-one and easy to carry from place to place. But as the world is changing, and how the computing routines have been revolutionized by the introduction of apps and touchscreens, laptops are now becoming the new desktop. The needs of having a quick access to the data, videos, and other information have been the top demands from users.

Although laptop can perform all those, the constant need of charging as well as the weight factor has become the issue lately. Sure, most tech companies have created a lighter, slimmer laptop, but still, if compare to a tablet - the tablets will win in any day. Apple is smart enough to put this into the main theme for their ads.

However, laptops are still much preferred to most people as they are more functional by having a great range of access tools and provide many other features that cannot be found (yet) on tablets. Nevertheless, the iPad pro is one step closer to kill off the laptop genre with its new ads. Take a look at the videos below. 

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