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Nokia 6 White is Now Available for Pre-order in China; Mobile Phone Pioneer’s Latest Handset Slated for April 11 Release

Apr 04, 2017 03:18 PM EDT


Following its marriage and subsequent divorce with Microsoft, Nokia, one of the mobile phone pioneers is officially back to "connecting people." Its latest creation, the Nokia 6, specifically the Nokia 6 White variant, is now available for pre-order and is scheduled for release on April 11, 2017, in China.

According to GSM Arena, consumers in China will have the first crack at the new Nokia 6 White as the handset will be available on JD, Nokia's exclusive launch store. People wanting to get ahead of the curve can place their orders on JD's website. JD has listed both the 64GB and 32GB variant for pre-order for CNY 1699 (231 Euros/198 Pounds/246 US Dollars) and CNY 1499 (204 Euros/175 Pounds/217 US Dollars), respectively.

The Nokia 6 was first launched back in January 2017 for the Chinese market. Both the 64GB and 32GB variants of the Nokia 6 White available for the Chinese market are equipped with 4GB of RAM. However, the 32GB model does not include NFC (near field communication) and Android Play.

Given up for dead since its split with Microsoft, Nokia is picked up by, and this is fitting, the Finland-based company HMD Global Oy. During its tie-up with Microsoft, Nokia has been releasing smartphones running on Windows. Now, though, the Nokia 6 White is set up with Android.

The Verge reveals that the Nokia 6 has "a very industrial metallic feel: due to the sharp edges of the matte aluminum body. The said review declares that the viewing angles of its display "are good, and the 5.5-inch size feels just about right."

GSM Arena, on the other hand, states that the chipset, the Snapdragon 430, powering the Nokia 6 is not the fastest out there but it does perform well with navigation and basic tasks. The battery life of the Nokia 6 has exceeded expectations while a pair of stereo speakers is a big plus considering its price range.

With the upcoming release of the Nokia 6 White in China and the global release in the coming weeks, Nokia is officially back from the dead. Considering that Nokia was one of the pioneers that helped popularize the mobile phone industry, people will find it genuinely refreshing to see them back in the thick of things. For its first foray into the business it once dominated and after a long hiatus, Nokia's mid-market Nokia 6 couldn't have been more perfect. And while not everything is perfect in its new flagship, at least Nokia has shown that the company is certainly not a shell of its former self.

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