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Blackberry is Expected To Unveil a new Android Tablet This Year

Apr 04, 2017 03:11 PM EDT


Canadian manufacturer Blackberry, unlike their glory days in the 2000s, is now diminishing in the markets with their devices hardly managing to please the target audience. With their insane pricing model and also a lack of good devices, they're nothing but a dead horse. But that said, reports indicate that Blackberry will continue to exist in the markets with potential partnerships with different firms from different countries.

Details from Android Authority believe Blackberry is trying to undergo a renaissance period as a purely 'software-only' company. But that said, the company plans to partner with firms in order to retain their branding on Android devices.

Blackberry's current CEO John Chen in a statement said that he is fairly confident on managing to retain their brand name on Android devices, likely hinting that their partners are apparently releasing a new Android tablet which confirming the presence of Blackberry on the new device and has requested the Canadian company to hand them portfolio rights for their new device.

A separate report from GSMArena also revealed that Blackberry's indefinite presence in the market will likely result in them receiving royalties by letting partners making use of their software. However, the report also suggests that firm is not yet completely committed to it. Blackberry's end of their era was already predicted when they introduced their proprietary BBM Messenger app to both iOs and Android environments.

Blackberry's latest device into the markets is the KEYone, that was released recently. The KEYone was initially announced by TCL at the Mobile World Congress in February this year. The device is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard like prominent Blackberry devices before. The downfall of Blackberry has been pretty obvious with analysts questioning their pricing model especially when their competitors have been offering even better devices at comparatively cheaper prices.


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