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Apple iPhone 8 to Use Samsung OLED Panels; Blockbuster Deal Confirmed

Apr 04, 2017 06:53 AM EDT

Apple iPhone 8 has begun to move along with its production this year and as part of the construction of the next flagship, the famous iPhone maker has made a blockbuster deal with Samsung. Apple has placed an order of Samsung OLED panels equivalent to a whopping 70 million units.

Nikkei has reported on Monday that the California-based firm has entered into another multi-billion contract supplying 70 million Samsung OLED panels for its Apple iPhone 8, which will hit the market this year. An analyst from IHS Markit supported the claim saying that Samsung could supply Apple as many as 95 million panels should demand exceeds expectations.

"Apple has ordered 70 million units of OLED panels from Samsung this year, while Samsung is preparing to churn out as many as 95 million for Apple in 2017, in case demand exceeds expectations." David Hsieh uttered. He also believed that these 70 million Samsung OLED panels will not be sold to customers when the Apple iPhone 8 hits the market this September.

The demand for the Apple iPhone 8 will determine if some these Samsung OLED panels will be carried over next year as the majority of the stock will not be available in the late part of 2017. Last February, Apple Inc. has already made a blockbuster order when it purchased 60 million bendable organic light-emitting diodes from the South Korean tech company amounting to $4.3 billion, showing that the firm made a more optimistic forecast.

According to a source, still from Nikkei, the Apple iPhone 8 will boast wireless charging and 3D facial recognition, which will utilize a huge bulk of the Samsung OLED panels. The device is also expected to be waterproof just like the iPhone 7, which could be upgraded to an IP68 rating.

Meanwhile, other rumors not included in Nikkei's report claimed that Apple iPhone 8 built a more efficient A11 processor and Touch ID in its display. Rumors also have it that after this 70-million Samsung OLED panels order, the iPhone maker will enter another supply deal with Foxconn-owned Sharp, Japan Display and LG Display in 2018.

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