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Google Pixel 3: HTC, TCL, LG & Coolpad Are Fighting Over Production Contract

Apr 04, 2017 05:08 AM EDT


Google always have their competitive edge over other smartphones. With their launching of Pixel phones, HTC has definitely scored a good deal for manufacturing the company's flagship phone for two years. On the other hand, recent reports are spreading all over the tech nation about the production of Google's third iteration dubbed as Pixel 3 by next year. What makes it more interesting is that not only one, but four, phone makers are competing to make a contract deal for these upcoming device.

According to BGR, the whirling news started as soon as a Chinese publication Commercial Times reported that tech companies like HTC, TCL, LG, and Coolpad are battling over production deal contract with the next-generation Google Pixel 3 series. Moreover, same publication reported that the 2017 Pixel 2 family line of products will still be manufactured by HTC. These will be called premium android devices as per Google's continuous attempt to contend against the top grossing companies like Apple and Samsung in this market segment.

HTC presently have the production contract for Pixel smartphone for this year but will about to end after the second version of the smartphone. Since last year, they have reportedly handled the shipping of over 2.1 million units of the 5-inch Pixel and the 5.5-inch Pixel XL phones. Despite several companies' attempt to win over the production contract, LG seems to be the frontrunner for the forthcoming 2018 Pixel version although the Commercial Times did not elaborate the reason why. It is buzzed that orders for Pixel 3 are expected to reach five million units next year, according to reports from NDTV Gadgets.

Even though the search engine giant is currently preparing the successor to their premium smartphones, several phone makers are already battling to get the manufacturing deal of the 2018 Google's flagship device, as early as now, as per Digital Trends. The first Pixel smartphones released got performance-wise rants, but there are not much ramble reviews on its hardware. The tech world will surely be interested to find out to who will Google pick to produce their future premium Pixel phone or if they will still stick to HTC for their subsequent line of products.


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