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Samsung's Bixby vs Apple's Siri: Tech Analysts Said Bixby Still Behind In The Competition

Apr 04, 2017 02:44 AM EDT


With the revelation of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung has shown numerous features like better and new features and that includes the AI assistant Bixby. This is company's counterpart of Apple's Siri, which has been widely popular and known as the innovator of smartphone assistants.

With this, it is not just simple about having a battle of mobile devices but also the voice-activated virtual assistants. So could Samsung's Bixby take over the established Siri?

In an article posted in Enca, Samsung's Bixby is the South Korean tech company's entrance to the market of voice-activated virtual assistants, lining up with the roster of voice-activated virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana. Bixby could be classified from them because it uses voice commands unlike using the touch to control the phone or the applications.

Samsung's Bixby also has location awareness and image recognition feature that could bring the user to another level of smartphone experience. The camera could enable the users of the phone to identify buildings and famous tourist sites then proceed to these location's official website. 

It sure looks like a lot of promising features that could easily topple down other voice-activated virtual assistants, particularly Siri. Apparently, a tech analyst said that Samsung's Bixby has a long way to go.

In an article published in Tribune, Techalysis Research President and Analyst Bon O'Donell said that Samsung's Bixby is still considered as a work in progress. He said that it might be an impressive innovation especially with the use of image recognition and context awareness but it still needs to be infused with Samsung's Viv.

Richard Windsor, a contributing writer for Radio Free Mobile blog, said that Samsung's Bixby might face serious competition not only with Apple's Siri but also with Google Assistant as it will be on the home button of the same flagship phone.

Samsung's Bixby was considered as a great feature for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus because of its ability to tell directions, movie schedules, and weather updates. The handset will be released this April 21.

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