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Apple Watch 3 Reportedly To Have Standalone Mobile Connectivity

Apr 03, 2017 01:42 PM EDT

New updates reveal that Apple teases to reinvent wearable technology for its upcoming Watch series 3. According to reports, the new smartwatch would likely be shipped with a SIM card slot and a 4G built-in LTE connectivity and that the watch will be promoted alongside Apple AirPods

Fans also believe that the upcoming smartwatch would be one of its kind as it has been reported that tech analyst, Christopher Rolland revealed interesting updates on the new Watch series 3 during an interview with Asian tech firms and suppliers. According to Trusted Reviews, Christopher Rolland teased that the new Watch will feature a standalone mobile connectivity.

The tech analyst also noted that the new Watch series 3 will sport a more advanced processor to boot the system. He added that the improved chip will base on the IoT-optimised Cat M1 module and the new Apple smartwatch 3 could also add Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This will enable users to make calls even in the absence of a cell network.

According to Macrumors, the incorporation of standalone connectivity would further separate the Apple Watch from the iPhone. The report noted that this is a process that started with the introduction of GPS in the Apple Watch Series 2. The standalone connectivity as mention above will allow Apple Watch users to do things that were previously impossible if the iPhone is not nearby like making phone calls and music streaming. However, a different data plan might likely be necessary for the completion of operations.

Christopher Rolland also revealed that the upcoming iPhone 8 will feature wireless inductive charging and that the device will debut with a USB-C orLightning hybrid charging port. He stated that there will also be three new iPhone models: the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 7S and a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone 8.

It is being rumored that the iPhone 8 will likely have a new radical camera and 3D sensing components. Although Apple is yet to release an official statement about the speculations, it is believed that fans will discover more during the tech company's annual developer conference, WWDC 2017. The new iPhone 8 is expected to launch in September.

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