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Xiaomi Mi 6 Latest Leak Reveal Bigger Screen Than Galaxy S8 And Other Amazing Specs

Apr 03, 2017 01:40 PM EDT

Recent leaks have revealed that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi6 will have a bigger screen-to-body-ratio compared to the Galaxy S8. The leaked photo that revealed this information about the new device has been circulating on the information Internet lately.

It seems that Xiaomi is working actively towards beating its competitor, as recent leaks suggest that the developer's flagship device, the Xiaomi Mi6 would sport a bigger screen-to-body ratio than the Galaxy S8. However, other reports have suggested that the screen-to-body ratio of Xiaomi Mi6 is excessively high and that the only areas where fans will be able to see the most amounts of bezels are at the top of the new device.

Reports have also stated that this is where the front camera lens and speaker grill of the flagship device are located and if the leaks turn out to be accurate, this will be first of its kind from Xiaomi. Meanwhile, another recently leaked photo reveals a dual-camera setup located at the rear part of the device, according to Wccftech.

The report also stated that the leaked photos showed that the new Xiaomi Mi6 would feature two camera lenses at the rear side of its shell. But what is interesting about these sensors in the photo is that they are configured vertically instead of a horizontal placement.

The camera placement would aid in shooting photos with a shallow depth of field without blurring pixels of objects being taken. It is said that the iPhone 7 Plus also features the same horizontal camera lens setup. Other hardware specifications leaks prior to the instant one have also revealed that the upcoming smartphone would come in two models - Xiaomi Mi6 and the Mi6 Plus. According to Myinforms, there is a possibility that the developer is also planning to launch the Mi6 in two different retail boxes.

The flagship smartphone is also expected to run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and a full HD display. Although Xiaomi is yet to confirm the details revealed by the current leak, it is believed that the new device will surpass the expectations of fans and competitors if the information is to be considered.

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