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NES Classic Edition Shortage To Be Over By April 5 As Nintendo Replenishes Stock

Apr 03, 2017 09:54 AM EDT


Besides the Nintendo Switch which is in short supply, another very popular console hit by shortage is the NES Classic Edition. The shortage was partly alleviated on March 29 when Best Buy offered limited stock. However, in hours, the retailer’s stocks were gone, so the situation for both game consoles is back to square one.

However, the shortage for the two consoles would soon be over because Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo America, says that by the end of March, Nintendo would begin the shipment of 2 million units of the Nintendo Switch. Express reports that by April 5, the NES Classic Edition would be back in stock by Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the NES Classic Mini would be back in stock in Amazon in the later part of April, but Amazon U.K. says it has stock of the console. I4u adds that the $59.99 NES Classic Edition is listed as available online at bestbuy.com and walmart.com. It is also on Amazon but only for Prime members.

Gamers who want to be notified of the availability of the NES Classic Edition on Amazon Prime are advised to check the console’s listing on iStockNow if their Zip codes are included. Only one NES Classic Edition per person is allowed by Amazon. The eCommerce giant has a strict limit on the number of NES an account could order for a specific period of time of at least 24 hours, even for Prime members.

As for the Nintendo Switch, even if the company has started shipping 2 million units in late March, GameStop CEO Tony Bartel foresees another shortage by the end of 2017 when the holiday shopping season begins as demand overtakes supply again, Hothardware reports.

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