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Samsung Galaxy S8 News Update: Facial Recognition Easily Fooled By Just Using Other Picture

Apr 03, 2017 09:34 AM EDT

When Samsung Galaxy S8 was first revealed to the public, the company boasted its feature of having a facial recognition system. Apparently, this feature was as not as something promising for some people who tested it.

The bloggers at Marcianophone was able to prove the facial recognition system of the Samsung Galaxy S8 as still faulty after they used a selfie picture from a different phone of the actual phone's user. In this YouTube video, this trick was proven when the handset was unlocked in just a few seconds without the actual owner being there.

In an article published by The Verge, the company has already stated that the Samsung Galaxy S8's facial scanning technology does not have the most secured form of identification. It is also possible, howevr, that the company is still developing the facial recognition technology.

It should be put into consideration that the handsets presented in the launch are still not the final version of the Samsung Galaxy S8. It is advised that users should prefer fingerprint, PIN and iris authentications in ensuring the phones' safety.

GSM Arena has published an article that it is not the Samsung Galaxy S8 that had the facial recognition system by the company. Last 2012, the giant tech company released their first face unlock system that would the user to blink before unlocking the phone.

With that, it was uncertain for the company to decide that they skip that validation step with the Samsung Galaxy S8. When in fact, the 2012 phone with the face unlock system was based on the faulty Android Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlock feature back in 2011.

So far, the Samsung Galaxy S8 still receives positive feedback from various reviews. There might be issues with the facial recognition system and the oddly positioned fingerprint scanner but for most parts, the Galaxy S8 series gets approval from most tech enthusiasts. 

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