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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Delay: Samsung Galaxy Book Might Be The Good Choice Right Now

Apr 03, 2017 01:34 PM EDT


Microsoft Surface Pro 5 was rumored to launch in the month of March but then it has been reportedly delayed. This led Surface Pro fans disappointment again. However if you are waiting for Surface Pro 5 and can't wait for its uncertain release, Samsung Galaxy Book might be a good choice for you. Galaxy Book was recently launched by the South Korean tech giant, which claims that it can perform what the PC can.

The much-awaited release of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 on April might be just a rumor since several reports announced that it will hit the market by October. As reported by PC Advisor, this tablet hybrid will have the latest AMD Ryzen processor. However, it was reported previously that Pro 5 will have Intel's latest Kaby Lake processor but the speculations right now claim that it will use AMD Ryzen processor instead is supported by the trailer of "Alien: Covenant," which showed this device. The film is said to be sponsored by Intel's rival company with a description that stated: "Intelligence powered by AMD, Ryzen, and Radeon."

As reported earlier, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to offer HoloLens support also. The HoloLens is not a device for consumers; however, due to company's enormous campaign to roll out the technology to more affordable VR headsets, the upcoming Surface Pro 5 will include HoloLens as one of its features.

The delay in the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 combined some disappointments from its fans. Various comments on social media expressed how they anticipated its release in April but now they will have to wait until October. The fans that can't wait for the Surface Pro 5 can also check out the latest Samsung Galaxy Book.

In 2016, Samsung released TabPro S a 12-inch device came with Super AMOLED screen which is obviously unseen on a Windows 10 device. Many people consider Samsung's quality but they said the only thing that holds back to buy Samsung devices is the fact that it is powered by Intel Core M processor that is marked as a very slow processor. This dilemma is about to change with the upcoming release of Galaxy Book. Samsung Galaxy Book will reportedly be available in two different variants, as reported by Trusted Reviews. One is a 10-inch (1080p) device that runs with Core M3 processor, suitable for media consumption and office tasks. This can be a good alternative for Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

Meanwhile, according to CNET, the 12-inch Samsung Galaxy Book includes the Samsung's gorgeous AMOLED screen and runs with Intel Core i5 processor. The device is suitable for photo and video editing with the speed which can reach up to 3.1 GHz. This Samsung device will be a competition for iPad and Microsoft Surface Pro 5 as of its inaccessibility in the market.


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