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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 With Rechargeable Surface Pen, SD-635 or Kaby Lake Confirmed to Release This year

Apr 03, 2017 06:43 AM EDT


Rumors are widespread about the capabilities upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5. The gadget was widely expected to be released back in October 2016, but that event only saw the release of its new Surface Studio and Surface Book i7. Numerous experts had pegged March to be the month of the Surface Pro 5's official release. However, all signs now point at the release in the Fall 2017.

Microsoft is reportedly having the new all-in-one tablet set for release this all. Surface gadgets nicely depict the company's vision when it comes to hardware as this product range builds bridges between conventional devices to make machines that are more capable, relevant and convenient to an evolving tech market.

According to Learn bonds, analysts are pretty sure that October 2017 will see the Surface Pro 5 in the hands of consumers. There were outlets which claimed that device would reach your destination as soon as March but there is enough evidence to anticipate its arrival later on during the year. Chief among these is the next major Windows Creator's Update. The patch will only be released this Fall and this would make the yearly Windows Event in October the most ideal moment to unveil new gadgets which can flaunt Microsoft's newest software adjustments.

Reports have claimed that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will run Qualcomm's Snapdragon 635 chip. On the other hand, different reports insist that Intel's new Kaby Lake chips will be place into the device. Choosing a Snapdragon 635 processor is because of battery drainage over the 7th gen Intel Core chips and also potentially the addition of LTE for mobile connectivity. Although rumors are not at all unbelievable, analysts claim to favor the latter chipset for the Pro 5.

According to PC Advisor, the new Surface Pro 5 will come with 16GB RAM, 512GB storage capacity, and a rechargeable Surface Pen. The upcoming Surface Pro flagship is also reportedly to feature a USB Type-C support and a robust battery.

The Surface Pro 5 is likely to have two display variants, 2K and 4K resolution. If this is the case, then the upcoming Pro 5 will be among the most powerful and highly regarded 4K tablets to land on the market.

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