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Samsung Galaxy S7 Gets Major Price Cut Ahead of Anticipated Galaxy S8 Launch

Apr 04, 2017 03:13 AM EDT


With days away from the much-anticipated launching of the Galaxy S8, different retailers have decided to make a major price cut to its Samsung Galaxy S7 to give customers the best time to purchase last year's main attraction. Stocks of the previously popular smartphone made a significant drop in its price and now offer users a massive boost in its memory.

All eyes may be on the Galaxy S8 now but customers may consider buying the previous generation flagship, Samsung Galaxy S7, as retailers, like Amazon has pulled off a price cut worth more than $200. The device's unlocked version can now be bought at cheaper price and now costs $444.99 online, a big drop from its original price of $649, and has compatibility with all networks such as AT&T and T-mobile.

Meanwhile, sites, such as eBay, offer Samsung Galaxy S7 fans with a refurbished model still with a warranty to prove that the repair process was professionally completed. These refurbished models are available at $299, a price cut slashing half of the original price, with the device having the same features and quality.

The Galaxy S8 may be under the radar of smartphone lovers but users may also consider the Samsung Galaxy S7 that has a coupon code, C20SPRING, provided by Android Headlines, which guarantees buyers with additional $50 discount. Still considered as one of the best smartphones, customers can purchase the device at about $249.

To further attract customers, the Korean tech giant also boosted its storage device as it provides free 128GB MicroSD card for those who purchase Samsung Galaxy S7 from the firm's online store. So aside from the major price cut, buyers can now also store an average 30 500 extra photos taken in a 12MP camera.

The exact price of the highly-touted Galaxy 8 has yet to be announced, but financial institution, Goldman Sachs, has predicted that the market price will have a 20% rise compare to Samsung Galaxy S7. The current flagship is expected to boast Blue Collar Core Model and jaw-dropping specs. 

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