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Starbucks Online Mobile Store To Be Tested At Seattle HQ

Apr 04, 2017 02:39 AM EDT

Starbucks will test an online mobile store order and have customers pay within its Seattle headquarters, recent reports stated. The company said to its employees last March 30, Thursday it is a way examine customer service among its avid coffee lovers.

Seattle is the biggest headquarters of Starbucks Corporation so bringing into test this online mobile store will help the company ease the long wait at cafe drink delivery stations. If it, it will speed up the delivery of mobile drink orders and will end up the suffering of its customers.

Starbucks initially introduced its online mobile store two years ago, which is specialized in ordering and picking up drinks that made it immensely popular among coffee lovers. It has been available nationwide both for Android and iOS but for Seattle, it is now high time for them to test the app.

Today the Starbucks in Seattle has two cafes that have more than 5000 employees working in it. In fact, coffee lovers know that one of the leading cafes in the United States when it comes to online mobile store is only available to company employees.

The Starbucks in Seattle will set up a new store wherein it will have a large window. This large window is meant for the coffee lovers to see how their drinks being made and a way to directly pick up their drinks.

While the existing cafe in the building at Seattle will be converted into premium Reserve stores, which will be open to the public. Also, coffee lovers from Chicago don't have to worry as the second Starbucks Reserve store will be opening soon, Reuters reported.

For the meantime, let us know what will be your thoughts about this online mobile store of Starbucks? Will it be successfully done in Seattle? How will coffee lovers react on this one?

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