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Project Fi vs Mint SIM: Which MVNO Is Better

Apr 02, 2017 06:35 PM EDT


Seems like Google's Project Fi program has become a successful competitor of Mint, which also offer similar services for a better cost but with certain limitations. Google's Project Fi is seemingly popular with Android users likely due to the combinations offered by the Mountain View firm that works out better than Mint with certain features. Comparing both the services side by side gives a better insight for those people looking to use only certain features that depend on each individual's necessities.

Both Project Fi and Mint work as virtual network operators that depend on various carriers. That said, Google has tied up with a lot of carriers compared to Mint which is detailed below. However, a bit of a downside is that all plans are prepaid and are part of contracts for a set period of time. Going into a report from Android Central, details regarding the Mint SIM highlight their prices and the amount of data for the paid price. Supposedly, extra data is available for a price of $10/month which offers a gigabyte of data, while an additional of another $10 can reward users with an extra 2GB of data.

Going into Google's side of things, Project Fi works on a lot of carriers with an option for tethering. Their cheapest plan begins at the US $20 per month which covers unlimited nationwide texting and calling and it also covers unlimited international texting. Google, however, also offers a data-only LTE Sim card that can be chipped into any compatible device which is a major bonus.

Mint users T-Mobile LTE for their services, there are no options for tethering allowed. Mint's add-ons are also limited to an extent with the only available options are the aforementioned extra storage. At the moment, they don't offer international calling part of the plan but can be purchased for additional fee. However, international texting is a part of the offered plan.

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