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Asus Announces ‘Poseidon’ Variant 1080Ti Graphics Card

Apr 02, 2017 06:39 PM EDT

Prolific computer hardware manufacturer Asus has come out with one of their better variants for the Pascal series 1080 Ti graphics card, the Poseidon. The newest release of the Pascal chips closes out in competition with the existing flagship, the Titan X Pascal, by a huge margin, but for half the price.  This came out as a huge shock for early Titan X pascal adopters, but they don't compromise on anything.

The GTX 1080 Ti is one of the first Pascal graphic cards for consumers, to come out with GDDR5X Memory architecture, which also has an increased performance over the existing GTX 1080 by a significant margin. That said, Asus has done a fantastic job revamping their design for the new graphics card. Early reviews from Guru3D highlight all the features packed in Poseidon 1080 Ti. The new card also synchronizes with Asus Aura RGB lighting.

The Poseidon 1080 Ti has excellent options for water cooling facilities since it comes with a liquid cooling block integrated directly onto the board. Asus has factory overclocked their new card for which the exact boost is not yet determined. Meanwhile, another review from WCCFTech revealed that the custom PCB design on the new graphics card has a hybrid cooling system that lets user cool their new card either with a liquid cooler or air for better temperatures.

The dual wing-blade IP5X certified fans on the 1080 Ti graphics card helps in delivering better airflow for the chip and also resist dust up to an extent. The RGB Lighting on the graphics card can be customized on the Aura software that will suit customer's needs. The card can be powered with the help of 1x8-pin connector and 1x6-pin connector. At the moment, the exact clock speeds aren't available anywhere but that said overclocking capacities for the new card has to be fantastic since it already offers pre-manufactured coolant loops. 

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