Dec 12, 2019 | Updated: 02:50 PM EST

Here’s Why Moto G5 Plus Is a Better Budget Smartphone

Apr 01, 2017 03:07 PM EDT


Moto's budget smartphones, the G5, and the G5 Plus smartphones will quickly turn into a popular choice among smartphone buyers. Moto G5 comes at a price of US $239 while the better variant, the G5 Plus comes at an increased price of US $299.With its new features integrated directly into the software, and the new Nougat OS itself, the G5 Plus has the potential to be one of the best budget smartphones for some time now.

Since they're both free of contract out of the box, a user can just transfer his current sim, synchronize his Google contacts and everything else is streamlined as earlier. The Moto G5 Plus is built with high-grade aluminum which looks minimalistic yet easy to hold. With two new color choices Lunar Grey and Fine gold, it is very powerful at least on paper. Going into the details from  Mashable, their complete review suggests that features part of the smartphone makes it easier for daily access, even for a new Android user.

Both Moto G5 and G5 Plus are equipped with plenty of features that can be accessed through quick shortcuts which were available earlier, only with the help of a custom MOD. The split-screen option was recently integrated directly into the operating system with the release of Android Nougat OS. With that said, Android Central has covered a detailed report revealing all the new cases available for purchase for those people looking to better their fashion and style.

The security on the device too is nothing short of options. While fingerprint sensor works best, there are reports that law enforcement agencies can force users to unlock their phones through a fingerprint sensor, unlike a PIN. So for those concerned, there are other options to look out for. The UK market, however, comes with a new 'Sapphire Blue' color exclusive to O2 that will be sold shortly.


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