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Synaptics Releases New FS9100 Fingerprint Sensors For Smartphones

Mar 31, 2017 03:24 PM EDT

Synaptics has released a new line of fingerprint sensors. It is reported that these new sensors will likely be incorporated in future smartphones. Synaptics, which is not yet very popular among the public, is a San Jose, California-based company behind some of the more novel touch-sensitive technologies around.

Some of Synaptics' creations include a capacitive spacebar with pinch-to-zoom and a fingerprint sensor that works with wet fingers, but the developer now has a new creation known as the FS4600. Synaptics' latest creation, FS4600 is a versatile lineup of fingerprint sensors that are available in square, round, pill, and slim rectangular shapes that fit on the front, back, and side of devices.

The developer stated that natural ID FS9100 optical fingerprint sensors are primarily designed to be placed under the cover glass like the 2.5D glass found in front and bottom bezel of devices. The under the cover glass biometrics removes button cut-outs and glass thinning processes that are required by capacitive under-glass sensors leading to glass yield improvements.

It is also stated that the highly reliable FS9100 optical solution excels with wet finger performance and being protected by glass makes it durable, waterproof, scratchproof, and removes ESD concerns. According to Digital Trends, up to two soft buttons can be used as navigation keys on Android devices and a fast swipe navigation feature is also supported.

In addition, force measurement, which is said to be similar to Apple's 3D Touch, enables consumer-specific applications, as well as an encrypted fingerprint sensor that offers super-secure 256-bit AES encryption with TLS 1.2. However, it is reported that the FS9100 fingerprint sensors can be coated with polymers, glass, or ceramics, which is totally dependent on the developer's preferences.

"The FS4600 family is a terrific extension to our industry-leading Natural ID portfolio, offering compelling, feature-rich capabilities and performance to a broader [market]," vice president of marketing at Synaptics' biometrics product division, Anthony Gioeli said in a press release.

Meanwhile, it is reported that there are still some shortcomings despite all the specs and features Synaptics' latest sensors boast. The new FS9100 sensor still suffers a popular and never-ending issue of protection against forgery.

According to Yahoo, the researchers at Michigan State University have demonstrated on how an inkjet printer with silver conductive ink can trick most fingerprint sensors. Reports of how other groups have successfully bypassed scanners using 2.5D images made with latex milk and white wood glue are also all over the place.

It is also no news that fingerprints can now be easily lifted off of a device by taking high-resolution pictures. But it is reported that researchers at the Langevin Institute in Paris have successfully developed a scanner that can differentiate fake fingerprints from real ones. The sensor does this by capturing the inside of a person's finger.

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