Dec 13, 2019 | Updated: 02:50 PM EST

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Sold Out, Again, Within Minutes

Mar 31, 2017 03:39 PM EDT


The NES Classic edition alongside the presently marketed Nintendo Switch console from the Japanese manufacturer was on sale for a limited period of time, only to be quickly sold out like hot cakes. The NES Classic edition for some time now has been offered as a part of a promotional sale where retailers like Best Buy and others get rid of the stocks in limited quantities. The Nostalgic portable gaming device seems to be the most popular choice even in 2017.

American retailer Best Buy, two days back, on their Twitter feed, had mentioned that the two consoles from Nintendo would be sold at 13:00 ET on Mar. 29, only in limited quantities per reports from GameSpot. Both the Nintendo Switch as well the NES Classic edition would be available for purchase through a unique sale page. With that said, they pretty much managed to sell all units within minutes, which isn't happening for the first time as was the case previously.

It seems like the popularity of the nostalgic console skyrocketed ever so highly since the launch of the new Switch Console system. With that said, Nintendo's president himself acknowledged that the demand for the NES edition was underestimated by the manufacturer. Meanwhile, another report from Polygon revealed that the $59.99 priced NES Classic edition console sold out quicker than expected. As said, comments on the website suggested that the sale only lasted for a mere five seconds indicating the high demands for the retro console.

With that said, the new Switch Console is also sold in fairly lesser quantities. The report suggested that the Switch console has been in and out of stock on a regular basis. Earlier reports have also revealed that the Japanese manufacturer has doubled up on their manufacturing process to make sure that there are enough units on the shelves. 


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