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Samsung Galaxy S8 Brings Awesome Wallpapers, Here’s How It Works

Mar 30, 2017 11:13 AM EDT

Samsung had already officially announced Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Even though the devices aren't available yet, the tech giant had released some wallpapers online for its users. In fact, if users want to give their devices a completely new look and add some style, the wallpapers would suffice their need.

Right after its announcement, the tech geeks felt there was something going on with the way the device handled between the three screens. Android has had animated locked screens and home screens for several years. The credit for it goes to Live Wallpapers. But Galaxy S8 has taken this a little further with the Infinity Wallpapers.

The Infinity Wallpapers are available through the Samsung Themes app and include three wallpapers. That's not all, the three live wallpapers are packaged as one for the locked screen, Always on display and the home screen.

To get the Galaxy S8 wallpapers, the users need to download it online. The users need to choose it from three color options. As per Android Authority, the first option is more of pink suggesting women would prefer it more. The second wallpaper showcases a mountain in the background with stars above it. Apart from these two, there is also a third wallpaper that highlights a snow covered mountain.

Just by raising a sleeping Galaxy S8, the users would see the Always On display wallpaper. Pressing the virtual home button would take the users to a geometric pattern through the clock widget. Third, by unlocking the device, the users would see a clean colored gradient with the animated star field in its background, the Android Central report.

Interestingly, Samsung has catered to every user's need through these wallpapers. In fact, there is something for every user, be it women, nature lover or mountain lover. There are over a dozen or so of Infinity wallpapers offered in Galaxy S8. Even though the company avoided animated wallpapers earlier, these wallpapers add a sheen to the device.

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