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LG Releases New G6 TVC As Samsung Prepares To Launch Galaxy S8

Mar 30, 2017 08:59 AM EDT

Latest updates reveal that LG has released a TVC for its G6 smartphone, just as Samsung prepares to launch its new Galaxy S8. It is reported that LG's new ad was released less than a day prior to Samsung's Galaxy S8 launch.

Although LG's release may be merely coincidental and not malicious, a few tech enthusiasts are suggesting something otherwise about the strategy. This is because fans are already expecting Samsung to launch Galaxy S8 at the conference and LG also deemed it the best time to unveil its new flagship G6.

It is reported that LG may have been forced to release its official LG G6 ad, as it only has a few hours left to savor its spotlight as a 2017 flagship or the Galaxy S8 will be the talk on every lip C11 am on March 29. According to The Verge, both the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are similar in that the two phones are all screen with a tiny surrounding bezel, but they do not possess the same features, as the case of G6 has a wide-angle camera lens on the rear.

It is reported that the new LG G6 is easier to navigate when compared to other smartphones in the same range. Meanwhile, the new LG ad, which is a short 30-second clip, was able to reveal all the goodies the developer has in store for fans including smaller bezel size and weather-proof body.

The ad also showcased the LG G6's multi-tasking capability and fast processor, the photography and video capability of the new flagship and a rear fingerprint scanner. Some enthusiast suspects that LG apparently intended to steal the show from other flagship devices including the new Galaxy S8 with a slogan in the video ad that states, "The Big Screen That Fits Your Hand," according to Eliptech.

The LG G6's also sports a vivid display resolution of 564 PPI and has been certified by IP68 to be dust and water proof. The new device features a dual 13 MP rear camera and will be available in three color variants of Mystic White, Ice Platinum, and Astro Black. According to leaked prices, the LG G6 will cost $672 at Verizon, $650 from T-Mobile and $720 from AT&T. Read More: T-Mobile Announces Android 7.0 Nougat Update For HTC One M8

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