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Google Pixel's New Design For Its Launcher, In The Works

Mar 30, 2017 05:35 AM EDT


If you're one of those who just couldn't seem to point out that certain difference on Google Pixel's proprietary launcher a focus on its Google Search Bar, then this heavily speculated information that has just surfaced might avert that crisis. Sources revealed that Google is conjuring something up on its the launcher's usability feature.

9To5Google reported that the Google Pixel Launcher may currently be undergoing an A/B testing for a new Launcher layout. The new layout is reportedly removing the weather and date widget and is replaced with a more conventional search bar. In addition, the width of the launcher's screen is stretched as its bar is now be rounded as opposed to its previous rectangular shape.

The overhauling of Google Pixel Launcher also features a more overt bar that should be familiar to most Android users. This goes strongly from a standpoint that could be more usable for almost every Pixel users. As such, the current "Pill" widget is less preferred according to it users. This corroborates the idea that Google may no longer see the need to put on that double functionality on its own launcher. Case in point is the newly updated feature in which users will just have to press and hold down the home button to access the voice search and "Assistant" depending on their need.

In related news, A Reddit user noted that the design changes occurred during the rolling back from the Android Nougat 7.1.2 beta to its stable version, Android Nougat 7.1.1. Meanwhile, the same user indicated that functional changes were not exactly part of the testing as the modification was just concentrated on the display of the Google Search bar along with the removal of the weather widget on Google Pixel Launcher.

In contrast, some users of the current Google Pixel Launcher noted that if a subscriber goes to Pixel's setting menu and proceeded to tap "apps" and "Pixel Launcher" while clearing the data, the user will have to see that the new style is replaced by the latest pill-shaped button. If you're a subscriber and don't see these changes, then most likely you're not part of the current testing, as per Android Headlines.

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