Oct 20, 2019 | Updated: 10:42 AM EDT

Apple iPad Mini vs Apple iPad 2017 Comparison

Mar 30, 2017 10:10 AM EDT


Apple recently announced a new iPad with no added suffix likely indicating that there might be more iPad models introduced to their line-up for their upcoming product launches this year. The "iPad" is priced at US $329 with some compromises in its hardware specifications but the size of the tablet remains the same at 9.7-inches. At that price, it's fairly safe to assume an average Apple customer might be a bit confused with what to buy since the iPad mini 4 is also offered at a similar price.

Comparing both the tablets side by side, the first major change that can be spotted is the fact that the Apple iPad is sold with a better processor. Meanwhile, the iPad Mini 4, on the other hand, is smaller compared to the iPad 9.7 in its dimensions while the screen resolution remains the same. The processor on the iPad mini 4 is also obsolete for Apple's manufacturing standards with an A8 chip present on the current generation iPad Mini tablet.

The display department sees no change in both the models with the same resolution of 2048X1536 with a pixel density of 264 PPI being retained for the iPad 9.7-inch variant. The camera resolution also remains the same with an 8MP camera on the back with autofocus and all other features. The only noticeable changes are the size of both the tablets, different processors and also the price.

Arguably, the iPad 9.7 comes at a starting price of US $329 for the 32GB variant while the iPad mini 4 starts at a price of US $399. However, the iPad Mini 4 is currently offered with a single choice for storage at 128GB. Meanwhile, the iPad 9.7-inch comes at a price of US $429 for the same storage option. For people not looking for higher storage, the new iPad is a better choice considering the age and processing power of it. 


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