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Samsung Galaxy S8's DeX Fulfills Tech Companies' Fantasy

Mar 30, 2017 02:31 AM EDT

In the recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8, a feature was announced that made the people more excited than the upgrade of previous specs. The Desktop Extension feature, or also known as DeX, is said to put back Samsung in the smartphone market again because of this feature.

In his article published in Business Insider, tech writer Jeff Dunn said that the Desktop Extension feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is something that most tech companies are fantasizing to achieve in their smartphones. He said that this is even bigger than the phone's new design, super thin bezels, and specs.

Desktop Extension is a feature in the Samsung Galaxy S8 that enables the user to use their phone to a desktop computer. For example, if the user is typing something on his or her phone, they could continue it on a bigger screen by just using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and they could continue their work on the bigger screen.

Once the phone is connected to the computer, the Samsung Galaxy S8 stretches out to look like a Windows-esque PC platform. The Desktop Extension has its own ports for USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, the older USB 2.0, and a cooling fan to prevent overheating

BGR has called it as Samsung's most innovative feature yet. The same publication also compliments Dunn's opinion since they published an article on Samsung Galaxy S8's feature not present in its rival iPhone product.

The Desktop Extension of the Samsung Galaxy S8 also worked out with the browser, email, and other apps that could be more fit in the spacious screen. It is also said to adapt Microsoft and Adobe's applications like the Office and Lightroom to the nonmobile environment.

However, Dunn also pointed out some concerns about this feature of Samsung Galaxy S8. One thing he pointed out is that some applications are not well enough to be featured in a full PC.

"You can run multiple apps at once, but if an app isn't designed for the DeX, it'll be displayed on a phone- or tablet-sized window that isn't resizable. We've seen this issue before with Android apps running on Google's Chromebooks," he said.

Currently, there is no price set for the Desktop Extension of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Past leaks have been saying that it could cost €150 or $161.

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