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Should Samsung Try Selling Refurbished Galaxy Note 7?

Mar 29, 2017 03:21 PM EDT


You probably heard the saying from HBO's Game of Thrones "What is dead may never die", only this time it does not involve the Iron Island, but rings true to the epic disaster of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - which was recalled back from the market twice because of fires. This time, Samsung is trying to sell refurbished versions of its recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in some markets - as part of an overall effort to recycle the phone.

The Korean tech company has stated previously that if it does sell the Galaxy Note 7 again, the US and Canada market will not be part of the list as Samsung intends to looking for another market to resell the troubled smartphone. Apart from reselling, Samsung also said that it will dismantle the components from the recalled Galaxy Note 7, so they could be used for further experiments. Other Galaxy Note 7 that won't be resold will have their body materials recycled.

But the real question is, should Samsung really need to try to reselling the infamous Galaxy Note 7 which in serious danger of exploding? Is the move was considered because the company is trying to be responsible to its stakeholders? There were millions of unit of Galaxy Note 7 recalled, so it does make sense that the company should do something about them instead of just wiping and destroy them off to bits.

There is no deny that the specifications of the Galaxy Note 7 are absolutely stunning and impressive. It could be very well become the best smartphone for 2016 had it not be disturbed by the unfortunate, explosive battery. During the Samsung's press event at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, activist group Greenpeace voiced out their concerns regarding the millions of unsold or recalled Galaxy Note 7 - which according to them, could bring a huge hazard to the environment. Putting revamped versions of the phone back onto the market would help that situation.

But do not forget the fact that because the Galaxy Note 7 is under Samsung's flagship line - Galaxy, it bears a huge responsibility to the brand, and so much at stake, it could destroy the company's reputation. Having survived from the disaster, Samsung's determination to continue the Galaxy Note brand is now seen as a booster to be more careful and meticulous when creating future devices. Forget about the US or Canada market, selling it elsewhere - if it still explodes - doesn't do much good for the company's image anyways. 


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