Mar 02, 2021 | Updated: 05:41 PM EST

Facebook Stories Drawback You Need to Know Before Sharing your Snaps

Mar 29, 2017 09:57 AM EDT

Facebook Stories, the biggest change adopted by the social media giant in a decade. With the latest app feature, Facebook is evolving from text and link-focused sharing to the visual communication format. Facebook is encouraging visual communication and it admitted that Snapchat has pioneered it very well.

After rolling WhatsApp stories, Facebook was testing Facebook Stories to a few users. All the Facebook app users will soon have access to the new Facebook camera feature that enables them to snap their precious moments. The recent feature does not only take a snap, but the users can actually add numerous filters and share them with their friends.

You can say that it is a Snapchat clone called Facebook Stories that appear above your News Feed on your mobile app. The feature works similarly to Instagram stories as the snaps disappear after 24 hours of publishing. The feature even allows the users to share their snaps on their Timeline or News Feed for better visibility.

If the users don't want to share their snaps with a public, they can even set privacy and can send their snaps through direct messages. Just like Instagram stories, the users will immediately notice the circular stories bubbles in a row above the News Feed. This even solves the problem that the users don't need to add all the friends to see their stories.

One of the drawbacks with Facebook stories is that the users snap will be visible to all the friends and the users cannot change that for now. The user interface can be improved further as the users do not want to show their goofy and personal style of content to their boss or distant acquaintances.

The social media giant should build a privacy feature for hiding the story that the users don't want to share with specific friends.  There should be a privacy feature for hiding the snaps from annoying old buddies, or exes that the users generally want to avoid. 


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