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Samsung Galaxy Note 8's Biggest Feature Hinted By Core Photonics, Patent Files

Mar 30, 2017 02:15 AM EDT


Samsung's investments in Core Photonics seem to hint that the Samsung Note 8 will likely have a dual camera setup. Although previous leaks showed a possible Galaxy Note 8 design, nothing was shown or mentioned about the back of the device. Nevertheless, a patent filing by the South Korean company gives light on the dual camera module that they are working on.

According to reports, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 renders two sensor-lens combos in a thin chassis, which may be used for getting more photons to enhance the low-light performance, including for 3D-mapping and distance. The patent PDF involves axis, magnets and lens alignments, which could mean optical stabilization on the sensors or an even some zooming solution.

Samsung is also rumored to experiment with the dual camera modules, although some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reports claim it was not prepared to make those in the mass quantities needed for sales in the series of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, Phone Arena reported.

Aside from Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung plans to reintroduce the refurbished versions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to the market. According to previous reports, the company is reselling the recalled units outside the US and the UK, mostly in Vietnam and India, and most likely under the new name Note 7s. With 2.5 million units left over, the devices are expected to fit with smaller-capacity batteries of about 3,000 to 3,200mAh, including new cases.

Samsung, in fact, has confirmed the rumors and assured the recycling of Galaxy Note 7 in order to reduce its environmental impact. Moreover, the company is also planning to save components that can be saved, extract metal parts and even sell refurbished devices if applicable. However, this excludes the US market. Meantime, Samsung has also announced that the product information such as the name, price range and technical specification will be revealed when the device is available, PC Advisor reported. Watch Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to have a Dual Camera | Note 7 is Making a Comeback here:


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