May 13, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

How To Use Samsung’s Bixby Image Search Feature From Your Galaxy Handset

Mar 29, 2017 09:34 AM EDT

A Twitter-based tipster has shared new tweets related to Samsung's Newborn Bixby. One of the images shared by the tipster revealed that Bixby is an intelligent voice assistant that helps consumers use Samsung Galaxy S8 more conveniently. It is so convenient that the users just have to press the Bixby Key and say the AI's name.

Although the software is similar to Siri and Google AI, Bixby has much more to offer to the Samsung Galaxy users. Before starting your tasks, the digital assistant will let you know that he has heard your voice and is waiting for your command. You can even tell the AI exactly what you need by voice or touch input.

The recent tweets revealed Bixby image search feature that allows users to use images to help you search for the information. The users just need to activate the feature and use the camera to capture the images. The users can even scan the product and find out where to find it online or at a local market.

In order to use Bixby, the users much connect their devices to a Wi-Fi or a cellular network. Besides, the users also need to sign in to their Samsung account to get the unmatched Bixby experience. Furthermore, the users also have to keep in mind that certain Bixby features are not available in some countries or markets. Also, the latest Samsung AI only supports few languages, as reported by Phone Arena.

Bixby has a characteristic called context-based awareness, which means that it can follow your command even if your command is incomplete and inappropriate to the task. Bixby will then give you answer or show you the information that you were seeking through the Samsung Galaxy handset. Bixby can even operate the handset just like the user itself by voice or touch input.

Samsung's latest digital assistant is completely different from the rest of the AIs. It's not just a search engine based assistant which deliver search engine based results and information to the users, but it is an actual internal user interface for the users which communicates with them and help them.


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