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Google Play Store Update: New Tabs, Sorting Options To “My Apps & Games” Section Added

Mar 28, 2017 12:20 PM EDT

New updates reveal that the My Apps & Games section of Google Play Store has received a new amazing upgrade. The report stated that Google has made new upgrades to the My Apps & Games section of the Google Play Store application.

Google recently added the "Free app of the week" section to its Google Play Store application, which reportedly gives fans the ability to download several apps for free, including those that were not previously free. However, the new upgrade, which is currently rolling out, added a new tab to the app, now allowing users to see "Installed," "Updates," "Library" and "Beta." This is unlike the previous version of this page, which featured only three tabs, "Installed," "All," and "Beta."

It is also reported that pre-updated version of the Google Play Store page also comprised of "App updates," but reports note not that there is now a new tab for it in the new upgrade. Many fans think this appears to be a huge step forward, even they believe that the removal of the "All" tab does not seem to be a necessary move.

Google Play Store users will be able to find currently installed apps, previously installed apps and apps installed on different devices with the same Google account, which has now been renamed "Library" in the new upgrade. It is reported that using the term "Library" in the contemporary times for apps not installed seems odd since it is mostly used for things that have already been acquired, like media files, for instance.

According to India Today, the new upgrade will also allow Android users to manage applications in both the Installed and Library tabs in alphabetical order, which includes "Last Updated," "Last used," and also based on the size of the application. Meanwhile, the function of the Beta tab on the Google Play Store remains the same before the upgrade.

However, it has been reported that some users have noted seeing the new upgrades for weeks. But the updates are yet to roll out to some Google Play Store users and for some regions, which could mean that Google is rolling out the update gradually. It should probably arrive in the coming weeks for users who are yet to see the new upgrade.

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