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Refurbished Apple iPhone 6s Got Great Value Deals With Its 40% Discount On Sale

Mar 28, 2017 11:39 AM EDT


Technophiles really can't deny that owning an iPhone latest series will yield better smartphone experience since they are often tagged as a perfect status symbol of this generation. But are you open for a great deal of owning an Apple handset without shedding out huge bucks on your pocket? For budget friendly and fairly quality smartphone, iOS fans might consider buying refurbished 16GB iPhone 6s in stores.

According to Phone Arena, several enthusiasts are more likely to purchase a refurbished iPhone series available in online stores, just like the great value deal being offered by DailySteals. The leading deal site is offering great steals of choices practically from mobile phones, gadgets, and other stuff. This iPhone 6s comes with a 16GB memory which is available in various color options: Silver, Gray, Gold and even Rose Gold for just a stunning US$269.99. It is about 40 percent off compared to the $449.00 price cost listed by Apple in its online store, with the same item quality.

In addition to this, reports convey that the mobile phone units being sold in DailySteals are not new. Although they are not brand new, the items are carefully examined, cleaned and repaired by the online site supplier to guarantee that these phones are well functioning. The site assured that there will be no problem while using the device. The iPhone 6s are said to work well with all major US carriers as these are factory unlocked and will not come with a SIM card. This great buy will come with a power block and a charging cable. There is also an add-on price for warranty services: $74.99 for one-year and then US$99.99 for two-year warranty.

As per CNBC, iPhone 6s which was a year-and-half older has been labeled as the best-selling smartphone worldwide last year. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 was the second most-shipped smartphone model with its estimated 50 million units shipped; followed by the iPhone 7 Plus with over 25 million units shipped. Various reviews recommend the purchase of this 2015 Apple flagship for iPhone consumers. With the products specification and features, together with its affordable price, this deal is certainly a good buy.

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