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Microsoft Brings Cortana Voice Assistance To Android Lock Screens

Mar 29, 2017 03:30 AM EDT

With its mission to improve its service to its users, Microsoft expanded the functionality of its virtual helper, Cortana, by adding it on the Android phone's lock screen, where users can interact without unlocking their devices. Based on the firm, this recent update on its voice assistance was the most requested from among its clients.

The multinational technology, Microsoft, announced on Monday that the firm has updated the Cortana app for Android users, where they can launch the voice assistance easily by setting up a Cortana button above their phone's lock screen even without unlocking the device. Through this development, users can now easily access information on recent news, daily weather and much more on the virtual helper.

Microsoft added Cortana on Android phone lock screen earlier this month in a bid to keep up with the competition against Google assistant, which just recently rolled out to more devices. The Washington-based firm did not fail to deliver on the clients' clamor after it launched the now easily-accessible voice assistance.

Android users could now just swipe the button left or right to get answers to their queries, set a reminder and glance easily to set of information regarding what is ahead during the day. Microsoft provided the entire list that you use in this voice assistance to further speed up the access to the availability of items through an improved user interface.

Good news is even PC users could exploit this improved features of Microsoft, to which Cortana can bring some familiarity and cross-platform functionality with the mobile platform of Google such as appointments and reminders. This voice assistance is now available and can now be downloaded in Google play.

Moreover, Microsoft has announced the availability of Cortana in Australia for both Android and iOS users, which provides additional functionality of the voice assistance in their Windows 10 in any kind of smartphones. This new feature on lock screens introduced yesterday was hit selected markets only where Cortana is available to use.

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