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Pixel Update: Google Unveils Fix on Major Issues; Solves Bluetooth Connectivity Bug Problem?

Mar 28, 2017 09:06 AM EDT


If you're an owner of either the Pixel and Pixel XL, Google's two flagship smartphones, you might have experienced some number of issues like distorted-sounding speakers, flaring camera lenses, and maintaining stable Bluetooth connectivity. Luckily, the company has already revealed some fixes for these bugs.

These bugs that were discovered in Pixel covers the problems in dropped connections at random intervals while engaged in any Bluetooth-related functions. It also shows the solution on it.

The issue in the Pixel smartphones started back in February. It was discovered a month after the security patch has been released and it has persisted through weeks.

In Google's official thread on their Pixel User Community, the company has released a patch that could work for the issue. Back on Feb. 23, the company has announced that it has identified the bug and they have a fix for it that would be provided in an upcoming update. On March 14, the release schedule of this fix was described to come out "soon".

Currently, Google posted in the thread that the issue faced by Pixel users has been fixed. They attributed it to the recent server-side changes made by the company.

However, it is still unknown to the public what might have caused these errors. It is still considered as a good news that Google has come up a patch for this issue, given that both Pixel phones have faced a number of product issues like microphone glitches and camera freezing problems, as reported by Phone Arena.

As of March 9, Google has promised that they will provide Pixel users a warranty with a free replacement unit. They also formally took responsibility for the hardware problem.

To check if the Bluetooth connectivity is functioning again on Pixel, try these following: try pairing the phone with Bluetooth accessories like headphones. If the pair manages to work then one should not worry as the device is now fixed.

One could also try streaming music to an external speaker, which shows the same Bluetooth connectivity. If the connection went smooth, then the problem was solved.

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