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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Relaunch Possibility: The Korean Tech Giant Hints On Bringing Back The Defamed Model

Mar 28, 2017 09:09 AM EDT


It has been a while since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall due to the explosions occurring in the flagship devices last year. When everyone thought that the device will no longer be a part of the Samsung series, the South Korea Giant reports of refurbishing the phones and bringing them back in the mobile market. According to the latest rumored updates, Samsung is supposedly going to sell Note 7s once again.

According to Reuters, Samsung has stated that it will bring back the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones later this June. The international news website further notes that Samsung Electronics that it will refurbish the Galaxy Note 7s as most of the surveys have implied faulty batteries in the flagship smartphones. So, this apparently makes the rest of the mobile components faultless.

Reuters further noted that the targeted markets will be focused more on the emerging ones such as Africa. So, do not expect it to arrive in the U.S. or European regions. Samsung wants to reportedly sell its newly arriving Galaxy Note 8 in the top markets to get complete product sales. 

 With that said, the Samsung Electronics noted the media today that the refurbishing or renting of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 depends upon the regulatory authorities and carriers to whom the company will consult before bringing out the phones. The company further noted that bringing back the phone will also depend upon the local demands of the customers, as cited by The Independent.

In other words, Samsung is going to choose the markets and release dates for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after surveying various areas for the expected demands for the phone. The tech giant will also keep in mind the local government before repairing the phones.

There are still no updates on how Samsung Galaxy Note 7 refurbishing process will take place, but there are chances of replacing the whole battery component from the device, noted Phone Arena. Most probably, there are chances of a smaller battery backup. Samsung further noted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices which are not fit for remodeling will be dismantled into separate components, which will be sold or reused. 

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