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Google Play Store Unveils 'Free App of the Week' Section

Mar 27, 2017 12:02 PM EDT

Google Play Store has been the source of Android users in downloading fun and entertaining games that could ease their bore or even take to a new level of mobile gaming experience. Unfortunately, some of the best games on the phone are not for free and would require payment from credit cards.

But this is probably the best news an Android user who is also a gamer this week. Google Play Store has unveiled their new section that would extend the availability of their apps: The Free App of the Week.

In an article by Edgar Cervantes of Android Authority, the Google Play Store will be offering one free app for a week in order to bring more great deals to their users. It is no easy task to check almost three million apps available so Google has done its job now.

In a TechnoBuffalo article by Killian Bell, the first free application that would be offered is "Card Wars - Adventure Time," a fun card game inspired by the Cartoon Network hit animated show "Adventure Time". The app was first offered at the Google Play Store for $2.99.

Unfortunately, the free apps that would be featured in the "Free App of the Week" section in the Google Play Store would not always be games. Cervantes has advised the readers to usually check what Google could offer every week as a smart move.

Some market would not see the "Free App of the Week" section in the Google Play Store. However, if one would search for the featured app like the "Card Wars - Adventure Time," it would be seen that it is available for free. This is not the first time that this feature would be offered to smartphone users. Before Google Play Store did this, Apple has already their own "Free App of the Week" before.

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