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Facebook Finally Brings Reaction GIFs For Comments Section, Know More

Mar 27, 2017 09:14 AM EDT

Facebook had been hesitant about bringing GIFs to the Newsfeed. This is because the social media giant argued that introducing animated GIFs on News Feed could distract the users from important news. However, as per recent news, Mark Zuckerberg did say that animated GIFs on the comments section was on the way.

The Facebook GIFs for the comments section is under the testing phase. However, the social media biggie hasn't cleared that the GIF button that is expected to be similar to the one in Messenger would become an official feature, Mashable reported.

In a statement that was released a Facebook spokesperson mentioned that the feature is only an experiment for now. "Everyone loves a good GIF and we know that people want to be able to use them in comments. So we're about to start testing the ability to add GIFs to comments and we'll share more when we can, but for now we repeat that this is just a test."

The GIF buttons would allow users to browse as well as search GIFs sources such as Tenor and Giphy. According to Android Authority, the GIF feature would be available for selected group users initially. Later on, after it becomes successful, it would roll out to other users.

Even though the GIFs might be distracting, users can't deny that these are interesting and fun to see as well. At times nothing describes an emotion better than a short video clip. As of now, the Facebook users need to depend on third party sites for GIFs and won't be able to include their own.

The users would be able to browse the GIFs as well as search new ones in-line. Facebook won't allow users to share GIFs on News Feed right now, but would allow them to post it in the comments section. Earlier the anti GIF orthodoxy did hold back Facebook, but it is now driving into visual communication and it might add GIF button to the News Feed composer some time soon.

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