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OnePlus 5 Vs. iPhone 8: iPhone Killer Beats Upcoming Apple Flagship; Updated Specs, Features

Mar 27, 2017 06:59 AM EDT

OnePlus 5 & Apple iPhone 8 are two of the much-anticipated flagship devices which are speculated to be available this year. Let us compare these two smartphones, with high-end specs and features to let you know which one is best for you among these two.

Speculations and rumors about OnePlus 5 claim that device to will run on latest Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. The flagship killer is also said to have a glass and aluminium body and USB Type-C for connectivity. Moreover, OnePlus 5 is likely to come equipped with latest Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB RAM and 64GB in-built storage, as per the AndroidPit.

Moreover, the iPhone Killer is expected to have a 5.5-inch dual-curved edge AMOLED display, which will provide users a clearer video output. The screen is likely to sport a 4K resolution, which will back the HD videos. Additionally, 3D streaming videos will also be available through the latest 3D technology integrated on the device.

OnePlus will reportedly be available in two variants. The first one will come with 128GB built in storage, with expandable memory up to 256 GB. The second version will be come as a 64GB of internal storage. Aside from those, the flagship killer will have a 23MP rear camera and 16MP front camera, notes PC Advisor.

On the other hand, Apple iPhone 8 will be released pre-installed with iOS 11 software and engineered with an in-house A11 processor. iPhone 8 will also be having an internal storage approximately between 64 and 256 GB with 3 GB RAM, as per Gizbot. Latest Apple flagship is also said to release with an all glass or all ceramic body.

 Device is also anticipated to feature long-range wireless charging. The upcoming iPhone is also rumored to be equipped with 3D front-facing camera and it could replace Touch ID as well.

While comparing two devices Apple flagship is powerful than OnePlus, however OnePlus 5 is also having the specs which challenges neck to neck to iPhone 8. But comparison is never complete without the price factor.

However the speculations and rumors claim different price tags for both the flagships but one thing is sure that the iPhone 8 will be way too expensive than the OnePlus 5. iPhone 8 and OnePlus 5 both are having killer features but OnePlus 5 which is also known as iPhone Killer proves to be the better choice since you will not get any type of this powerful smartphone with a reasonable price.

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