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Improved ‘Google Hangouts’ Wiped Out Google Talk in the History of Google; Some Google + Features Also Comes to End

Mar 27, 2017 09:16 AM EDT


Google is known as the American multinational technology company, finally upgrading its Google Hangouts and tearing down Google talk in the history of G users. On the other hand, the company also announced that it is now time in pulling the plug of some Gmail Labs and Google + features.

Google launched Google Talk last 2005 and it served the public for 17 years, however, according to reports the said application will soon end. Even before, the company encourages its users to shift in using Google Hangouts.

Even though some of the users still prefer Google Talk, Google promised to its users that it improved the design of Google Hangouts. The said improved Hangouts is Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat.

Business Insider reported, Google Hangouts takes the place of Google Talk in the heart of users. Google notifies its users that there's no need to worry about the contacts, as it will do the job in transferring all the contacts.

Google even announced that Google Talk users within Gmail will receive an invitation to switch to Hangouts. If not, the company will automatically transfer those users to Google Hangouts after June 26. Fortunately, not much, the users who still preferred Gtalk will have to set up Dense Roster in their settings.

This is said to be a full transition from Google Talk to Google Hangouts. Google point out that the brighter side of Hangouts Meet this is set for video calls that can handle up to 30 people in a single video call. While Hangouts Chat is a messaging app that has the same feature like Slack.

As the arguments continue to arise between Google Talk and Google Hangouts, Google is also killing some features of Google + like Google+ Circles and Google+ profiles. To more tech news update, keep in touch reading articles in Droid Report.

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