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Samsung Galaxy S8 Pricing Update: Flagship To Cost Less And Sell More, Apple 8 SRP Threatened

Mar 27, 2017 06:51 AM EDT

Samsung continues to find ways to get out of the hole created by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle. A lot hinges on how the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is expected to be unveiled soon. Mass production is underway and most are awaiting its official specs and of course the price.

Thanks to a leak from reliable tipster Evan Blass, folks over in the UK have an idea on how much the Samsung Galaxy S8 would cost. Based on the tweet, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will retail in the UK for about €799 while the Samsung Galaxy S8+ SRP is set at €899. When converted using the current exchange rates, this means the S8 will be priced for about $866 while the S8+ costs roughly $975.

Assuming that these figures for the Samsung Galaxy S8 are correct, it could pose a problem for the iPhone 8. Though still a long way off, there is a word that Apple will charge a hefty $1,000 for the entry-level model of its redesigned flagship, Forbes reported. As most can see, the overhauled Apple flagship stands to be the most expensive one to date.

A consolation comes in the form of the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. The only problem is that these two will still carry the old features, particularly a TFT-LCD screen display. Most want to change so the features sans the OLED display could be a factor in determining their sales performance.

On the part of Samsung, the pricing standpoint suggested makes sense. The company is openly taking a hit to make up for a disastrous 2016 caused by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Apparently, the sacrifice will go on and the Samsung Galaxy S8 will take some hits.

So far, it has been rumored to come with impressive specs which include a much-hyped Bixby assistant, QI wireless charging, and edge-to-edge displays. Pair that up with an affordable pricing standpoint and the Samsung Galaxy S8 may just be able to push the Korean company back to respectable levels.

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