Aug 07, 2020 | Updated: 05:56 PM EDT

Apple’s First Car iMaybe Could Change The World in Year 2020, Just Like The iPhone back in 2007

Mar 27, 2017 07:45 AM EDT


In less than four years, Apple is expected to release its very own car. The program, codenamed iMaybe, is an attempt by Apple CEO Tim Cook to explore the new area of Apple market territory on new business and concepts. The company, which is widely known for its epic smartphone revolution in human history, aims to create a feverish daydream on a highly connected electric car.

The 2020 iMaybe, much like the iPhone, will change the automotive industry, according to Digital Trends. The program is said to be a joint venture between Apple and BMW. However, it is not known if BMW will be the concept partner for the project or just an auto supplier. Apple's first car is rumored to be the world's first share-only car, it is predicted to turn shake up and turn the automotive industry upside down.

In terms of specifications, there are no further details about the 2020 Apple iMaybe. However, there are many rumored design concepts appearing online. Although these are - for sure - just some concepts, the creative impressions could help fans imagine what the iMaybe would look like.  

The 2020 Apple iMaybe is also predicted to bring competition to Tesla, which is now one of the best electric car producers in the world. There are also rumors that the Tesla and Mercedez-Benz parts suppliers, such as A123 Systems and ECMO Gears, are working with Apple.

Many auto dealers are fighting to create a stunning vehicle. Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to blaze the EV trail to make a vehicle that solves car issues. Therefore, Apple is on the right track to change mobility and the automotive industry concept.

The Apple iMaybe release date is expected to be as early as 2020. As for the price, according to Yahoo, the 2020 Apple iMaybe could carry a price tag that is above $30,000, and it will be higher than the 18-karat gold. 


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