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LG G5, V10 Latest Update: AT&T Rolls Out March Security Patch to Mobiles; Renewing Software Version into H82020i & H90021z

Mar 25, 2017 10:49 AM EDT

AT&T network has started rolling out the LG G5 and V10 software update yesterday and is being pushed out to customers with the OTA (Out-The-Air) phase. The new firmware update will improve the firmware version into H82020i for AT&T LG G5 and H90021z for the V10 one.

LG G5 and V10 software update each has a build number of NRD90U (LG G5) and MRA58K (LG V10). The LG G5 will have 67MB download size and V10 will carry a smaller download size at 57MB download.

LG G5 and V10 software update also bring the Android 7.0 Nougat OS upgrade; however, this only for the LG G5 phone for V10 is still sticking to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The Android 7.0 Nougat renewal will fix some regular bugs, optimize the device performances, and increase the security improvements.

Since LG G5 and V10 software update is being rolled out with OTA phase, owners need to patiently wait for the notification of the new version. According to TheAndroidSoul, users can also check the improved version manually by heading to Settings> About device> Systems update.

If the LG G5 and V10 software update are there, owners can download then, install the new version. Just for a reminder, users are recommended to connect their device to a stable Wi-Fi connection and back up the media files before downloading the renewal.

Be sure to also check that the devices have a sufficient battery life before downloading and installing the LG G5 and V10 software update. If users prefer to download the improved version using Mobile Data that would be fine since the download size is pretty small.

Owners can also download the new version using the 4G LTE without losing too much data since AT&T is now offering up unlimited data. It might take several minutes for the devices to reboot and install the LG G5 and V10 software update so please be patient, as reported by AndroidHeadlines.

Watch the video below for specs recap of LG G5. Leave a comment if you think this information is useful.

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