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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Latest News & Update: New Patch Will Permanently Cut Off Charging, Power From Fatal Phablet

Mar 25, 2017 08:30 AM EDT

Some Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones are still out in the market, most opting to keep them despite the issues it has offered the past year. In an effort to twist the arm of the stubborn owners, the Korean giant will be releasing a new patch which will cut off charging possibilities for the controversial tablet.

To date, Samsung has reportedly accounted for 97-percent of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that found their way to consumers over in South Korea. Samsung did try to limit the charging to 60-percent though this eventually ended up in an outright stoppage in the U.S., GSM Arena reported.

The update will reportedly be released to users over in South Korea with other parts of the world likely to follow. The intent is to force most to surrender the defective Samsung Galaxy Note 7 despite the fact that some believe their units are shielded from the battery exploding defect. According to Samsung via CNet, over 3 million units of the Note 7 was disseminated globally.

While the whole Samsung Galaxy Note 7 landed a serious blow to the credibility of the company, the best folks can resort to right now is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Though there are some features absent like the S-Pen, it will have to do until the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is ready to redeem the Galaxy Note line.

Samsung is expected to come out with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge soon, another option for folks in search of a large-screened device. It is believed that mass production is under way with the date of availability speculated to kick off in April. Samsung has already pushed back its usual release of new handsets, opting to make sure that devices are safe. Of course, this was also to erase the stigma of dealing with another debacle which the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bestowed upon the Korean electronics giant.

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