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Dell’s UP3218K, The World’s First Ever 8K Monitor Display, Goes On Sale

Mar 25, 2017 10:50 AM EDT

It seems that the battle for the best monitor display has been triggered once again for the tech giants. Tech companies like Apple, LG and Sony needs to have a nitty gritty meeting with their respective computer programmers and engineers as Dell seemingly leapfrogged the rest of the market with the launch of their Dell UP3218K. It has been tagged as the world's first ever 8K monitor with a stunning 7680x4320 resolution. Let us see what these ginormous monitor has to offer.

Technophiles all over the globe has been drooling over this insanely huge monitor and are looking forward for its features and capabilities. According to reports by 9to5 Mac, the UltraSharp UP3218K is sported with a screen size of 31.5 inches. The IPS panel flaunts a 279 PPI pixel density which exceeds iMac's 5K, which only has 217 PPI. The IPS panel features a strong lively color and a 178°- wide viewing angles. It has 98% DCI-P3 color space display for wide color video and photos, as per 9to5 mac.

The PC World reports suggest that Dell showcases their 32-inch 8K consumer monitor for sale with the sum of $5,000. The UP3218K is now available for preorder. They are estimating that the actual ship date for the same will be on April 17th. It uses a high-end Nvidia Quadro workstation graphics card to turn on the display. It certainly looks amazing, but this giant monitor requires an evenly powerful PC to control it.

The GSM Arena further explained that the specification of 8K is 7680x4320 pixels having a total resolution of roughly 33 megapixels. The huge-resolution monitor offers four times more pixel as a 4K monitor has. In addition, this monitor is able to output 1.07 billion colors and its Adobe RGB & sRGB color spaces have 100% coverage. The good news is that price for 8K display will definitely go down after a few years. But for now, this monitor might be useful for pros only, while at this stage of their whopping price.

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