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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 82 Update & Spoilers: Gokuas Super Saiyan X; Old Universe Coming Back?

Mar 25, 2017 08:13 AM EDT


In the episode 82 of "Dragon Ball Super," fans were wondering what happened to Goku after having his tournament with Toppo. Not only the episode tackled Goku's capabilities of exceeding his limits, it also speculated that old universes and its gods of destruction will resurface again in the series.

In an article made by IGN, the "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 82 shows the epic and bloody fight between Toppo and Goku. The fight between the two shows the abilities of each fighter in order to defeat one another.

In that battle in "Dragon Ball Super," Goku was having a hard time in the first part but then he transformed into his early Super Saiyan form. With that, he was able to fight and defend himself from Toppo's attacks,

During the fight, it was revealed that Goku could show his opponent that he could surpass the limit of his power as a Super Saiyan. This is the first time in "Dragon Ball Super" that Goku shows his strongest form.

The fight between the two forced the Grand Priest to stop both fighters before everything would be uncontrollable and result to something not desired. This episode of "Dragon Ball Super" shows that the Grand Priest saw himself in Goku's ultimate form.

What did he see? "Dragon Ball Super" revealed the the Grand Priest predicted that the immense power of Goku could actually kill Toppo.

With this, "Dragon Ball Super" shows that this limit-defying transformation of Goku is leaning to be evil and dark, which is contradictory to his character. Goku just smiled when he showed to everyone that he could actually surpass his limitations, proving that not even Toppo could challenge him.

Fans of the "Dragon Ball Super" dubbed this new defying limitation ability of Goku as "Super Saiyan X" by fans. They are speculating that the Super Saiyan X is a multiplied version of Kaio-ken.

Meanwhile, there is an ongoing speculation in "Dragon Ball Super" that there is an erased universe that would be ressurected. This speculation started when Zen-Oh, the Omni-King, invited fighter from 12 universes to join the Tournament of Power.

The tournament promised the winner with Super Dragon Balls. However, "Dragon Ball Super" reveals that the tournament is actually a battle of survival.

With this, Goku lead the Universe 7 to win and obtain the Super Dragon Balls. He is aiming for the resurrection of old universes like Universe 13 to Universe 18 after the Omni King destroyed these out of all anger.

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