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Google Is Removing Messaging Feature From Hangouts To Compete With Slack, Here’s More

Mar 24, 2017 09:20 AM EDT


Google is removing the messaging feature from Hangouts in May 2017, after an email has been sent to the G Suite administrators. As per the email, the tech giant would cut down the messaging option starting from May 22, 2017. It would also prompt users to find a new default messaging app beforehand.

As per The Verge, the users of the Google Hangouts' Android app would receive a message from March 27, 2017 informing them of the removal of the messaging function. Interestingly, if the users have other messaging app installed, it would ask the user to set it as a default messaging app.

However, if the users don't follow the Google Hangouts instruction and select a messaging app, it would directly send the user to Google Play Store to find another alternative. For the Google Voice users, it would be a little difficult. Users who send carrier messages through Hangouts won't be able to send it starting from May 22, 2017.

Users who send messages through Google Voice numbers would be able to continue with the service just as before. This change has come as the tech biggie shifts Hangouts focus from messaging to workplace communication like in Slack.

The messaging features would work as of now, before it stops functioning permanently on May 22, 9To5Google reported. Even though the removal of a service isn't something to celebrate, it is still a remarkable step on Google's part.

Google already has an array of chat apps. These include the mobile-only video-centric app, Duo, the text-based chat app Allo as the recent app Android Messages. The Android Messages is the last app that has been designed to take care of Google's messaging service. Due to this the tech experts feel every user need to download the app before time if they are still using Hangouts.

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