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Nokia UK Shipping: Shipping Of Nokia 3, Nokia 5 To Commence In May, Nokia 6 In June

Mar 24, 2017 11:23 AM EDT

As fans already know, the recently unveiled Nokia smartphones would not be available for purchase until the second quarter of 2017. HMD has already noted that the latest Nokia devices, Nokia 3, 5 and 6, which were unveiled at MWC 2017, would not be available to consumers until a couple of months.

The three latest Nokia-branded smartphones were first announced in February and fans are hoping that the devices will be worth the wait. Although HMD's Tomislav Himbele had already noted that all Nokia smartphones unveiled at MWC 2017 would be available for purchase in the second half of the second quarter of 2017, the information was recently confirmed by a UK retailer.

According to Phonearena, fans who visit the online store of Clove UK will notice the online retailer has already listed all three smartphones, but it is reported that the official price of the devices and their availability is yet to be confirmed. However, the retailer stated that both the new Nokia 3 and 5 are expected to hit shelves in May, but the Nokia 6 would probably not be available to potential buyers until this coming June.

Other reports have noted that Clove UK has also listed the new Nokia 3310 on a side note as well but, the device is not expected to be available until May. Meanwhile, the developer has already announced that the new Nokia 3 is will cost €139, while the Nokia 5 is expected to sell for €189. The Nokia 6, on the other hand, will be available for purchase for €229, even though these price tags could vary based on carrier or country.

However, the Nokia 3 is will go for $140, in the United States, while, the Nokia 5 is expected to cost $190 and the Nokia 6, $230. But it is reported that the prices in the United States may also vary. Latest updates have revealed that the three new devices will be shipped unlocked and will probably feature US LTE, even though it will not work with other carriers except AT&T and T-Mobile.

According to PCAdvisor, the new Nokia 6 is an Android Nougat phone, which is crafted from a single block of Series 6000 aluminum. The new device features a 5.5 in full-HD laminated in-cell display paired with a protective 2.5D Gorilla Glass. The Nokia 6 also features Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 octa-core processor, as well as the Adreno 505 GPU. It has a 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM and a 64GB of storage with a 3,000mAh battery.

For now, there are no specific details with regards to how the new Nokia devices will be sold in the United States or elsewhere but, fans should expect details sooner rather than later, but should not expect the handsets to be released before May.

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