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Apple MacBook 2017 Update: Interesting Speculations & Rumors; Possible Release Date Schedule & Specs

Mar 24, 2017 07:36 AM EDT


This year will be a big one for Apple since the company is rumored to unveil its anniversary handheld, the iPhone 8 in the later this year. Apart from iPhone 8, there are lots of Apple fans who are looking forward to the 2017 MacBook models. And if rumors are anything to go by then there is a lot to look forward to this third quarter.

The Apple laptops have experienced the most recent refresh is the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, which was launched during the company's October event last year. However, there were no updated MacBook and MacBook Air were presented at the conference. This has led to the speculation that the 2017 MacBook models are likely to launch in the third quarter this year, most probably in the October event.

The new MacBook 2017 will release in two different RAM options, an 8GB model, and a second 16GB variant, as predicted by KGI Analyst Kuo. The standard 8GB option will be targeted for those who are looking to purchase an entry-level notebook. On the other hand, the larger RAM unit will provide users with the much-needed memory space.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg has reported that Apple is working currently on a new chip for its Mac laptops that will provide more functionality in the upcoming MacBook 2017. The processor reportedly started development last year is largely similar to that found in the 2016 MacBook Pro and powers the Touch Bar feature. The upcoming one which is codenamed as T310 will theoretically handle the computer's low-power mode function.

Aside from these, there are also reports which claim that MacBook 2017 will come out with Intel's next generation Kaby Lake chips. With these chips on board, it is expected that the device will have improved graphics prowess and the battery life. Moreover, a cutting-edge chip will increase productivity performance by up to 12 percent as well as 19 percent increase in web performance, reported MacRumors.

According to Forbes, Apple has ignored the MacBook update in the latest round of exciting updates in the previous days. Aside from MacBook 2017 has Apple revealed updated hardware across a number of product lines, which includes the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are now available under the Red branding, and the storage on the iPhone SE models have moved up to 32GB and 128GB; the Apple Watch picks up its six-monthly update of additional straps; and a new iPad with the A9 processor and 32GB of storage.

Since there were no updates for the MacBooks in the recent line of update in the March 2017, thus 3rd quarter update for MacBook 2017 make sense. However, there have been no official announcements made for the 2017 MacBook as of now.

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