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Verizon Newest Hum Vehicle: A Way to Escape Heavy Traffic! Bringing 'Transformer' Into Reality

Mar 24, 2017 09:22 AM EDT


Traffic is getting worse as it is needed a serious attention worldwide. In 2015, Traffic Scorecard of Kirkland, Wash-based INRIX said that American commuters spent an average of 50 hours in traffic in a year, which led Verizon to come up with an innovated Hum vehicle that will save every daily traveler from a heavy traffic.

Verizon believes that it is now high time to put an end to an unending and heavy traffic that causes people to be late for school or work. Hence, the Hum vehicle is what the Company thinks the key to escape such inconvenience.

Transformers aren't just seen in the movies as Verizon made it possible to put it into reality as this Hum vehicle will transform itself in the midst of heavy traffic. The transformation goes like this; its wheels will extend upward and outward to the extent that it can straddle the other cars on the road.

To manipulate its transformation, the driver who is in the middle of heavy traffic can supervise the movement of the Hum vehicle via a four-quadrant multimedia monitor that displays the forward, back, side and top view of the cars on the road. Once it is done hovering all the vehicles, this Verizon's vehicle will be back to its normal appearance by pushing the "drive button."

In a promotional video of Verizon, it entices the daily travelers to take advantage of its newest Hum vehicle to beat the heavy traffic. At the end of the video these words, "Of course your car can't do that. But Hum can upgrade your ride with other new tricks," will surely tease every driver to have one.

As of this moment, Verizon didn't yet announce when this will be available in the market. However, once it is ready to use, this Hum vehicle will be remembered in the history in ending the agony of a daily traveler, which is the heavy traffic.

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