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Quick Fact-Check on AMD’s Ryzen

Mar 24, 2017 04:20 AM EDT

AMD's new CPUs Ryzen have generated a good amount of controversy, confusion, as well as misinformation as they are excitement to the users. With Ryzen 5 is nearly upon us, the recently launched Ryzen 7 could help to clear up AMD's comeback CPUs with facts instead of rumors.    

Ryzen runs hot - False.

The Ryzen chips for some reason were labeled as running hot, although the low thermal design power (TDP) ratings said otherwise. According to AMD, users of the Ryzen 1700x and 1800x can simply subtract 20°C to determine the true junction temperature of their processor. The temperature monitoring software hasn't fully understood their tCTL offsets just yet. The fix is likely to come once the utilities are updated.

Intel reportedly slashed prices to compete with Ryzen - False.

Several websites ran stories saying Intel slashed prices in reaction to the new rival, soon after Ryzen had its coming-out party. Well, the fact is the confirmation was apparently cited by Micro Centre's retail stores - who used CPUs as loss leaders for years to get foot traffic to its stores. Even Intel said that the claim was invalid.

Ryzen is terrible for gaming - False

In fact, it is not terrible at all. AMD's gaming performance can at times be perplexing. In multithreaded and single-threaded applications, it's generally outstanding.

AMD is as good as Intel in gaming - Partially True.

Although it is not terrible, Ryzen is not the best one out there. It still takes a backseat to Intel's CPUs. However, Ryzen will be as good as Intel, when you run that game at 4K Ultra HD resolution - you'll notice little or no difference between a Ryzen or Core i7.

Reviewers who wrote negative things about Ryzen are shills for Intel - Not true (mostly)

It's almost impossible to fact-check for shills because many influences on reviewers are unseen and impossible to prove. Many of the reviewers accused of being shills for Intel are also among those AMD itself cited in the coverage of the new Ryzen chip. 


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